BodyFX ™ by Inmode

- reduces fat deposits and firms up without surgery

Women and men report stubborn fat depots that cannot be influenced by exercise or diet. On the contrary. You change your eating habits, do sports and lose weight in many parts of the body. Unfortunately, these stubborn fat pads then become even more visible.

Often the fat cells in these regions are so bloated that the natural metabolism is significantly reduced or no longer takes place at all.

Therefore, the therapeutic approach must be to reduce the pressure on the fat cells, to activate the metabolism in these zones, and to purify them as quickly as possible.


How does the BodyFX™ by Inmode work?


BodyFX™ has multiple effects. The bipolar radio frequency current heats the affected areas precisely. This deep heat stimulates the natural metabolism of the fat cells. As a by-product, the collagen fibers are shortened and the production of new collagen is stimulated. The unique electroporation also selectively destroys some of the greatly enlarged fat cells. The pressure on the smaller fat cells is reduced immediately. The vacuum supports the purification in the treated areas and accelerates the normalization of the cell metabolism.



How many treatments are necessary?


Usually 4 to 5 sessions are necessary for this non-invasive method. The body contour is sustainably improved, skin unevenness is eliminated, and the skin tightens where cellulite tissue was previously visible. It is recommended that the series of treatments be repeated after two to three years or maintenance treatment if necessary.



How long does the result last?


As with all non-invasive methods, the undesirable phenomena of fat and connective tissue can come back. Thanks to the unique electroporation, the results of BodyFx™ will last much longer than those of other non-invasive methods, as these mostly only work with heat or cold.



Are there any side effects?


When used correctly, no side effects have been observed apart from short-term reddening of the skin. With the appropriate choice of parameters, all skin types can be treated.



Is the treatment painful?


Most patients find the treatment acceptable to comfortable. Many report a feeling of warmth during the heating-up phase and a stronger tingling sensation when the current impulses are triggered. The skin temperature is permanently monitored during the treatment and displayed to the user. If it gets too warm, the energy can be reduced.



How much does a BodyFx™ treatment cost?


The costs for the BodyFx™ treatment are based on the affected areas, the number of treatments required, and start at 250 euros.