Forma by Inmode

- non-surgical facelift with radiofrequency

- effective skin tightening without a needle

What is FORMA™?


FORMA™ is a non-invasive radiofrequency (treatment for tightening and improving the skin tissue. It is very suitable for light skin tightening on the face and neck.

FORMA™ generates radiofrequency energy and thus controlled heating of all dermal layers. As a result, collagen fibers are reformed (collagen shrinking) and the skin surface looks significantly younger and firmer after just a few sessions. 


In simple terms: FORMA™ stimulates the collagen fibers in all layers of the connective tissue.


What is unique about FORMA™?


FORMA™ is the only RF device in the world to have the ACE™ control system. This is an integrated control system that safely protects the skin from damage caused by overheating. Thanks to the sensors built into the hand-piece, the skin temperature is measured in real time, 1.000 times per second. Thus, FORMA™ today guarantees the highest level of safety with maximum effect.


Is FORMA™ also suitable for me?


FORMA™ can be used on men and women and all skin types. The treatment is non-invasive and has no downtime. It is the ideal form of treatment for those who want to improve both skin tone and texture, but who refuse invasive or surgical interventions.


Which zones can be treated?


FORMA™ is mainly used for the face, neck, décolleté, and the back of the hand.


How long does FORMA™ radiofrequency treatment last?


The duration of treatment depends on the number of zones. The cheeks and jawline take about 45 minutes.


Does FORMA™ radiofrequency have any side effects?


Since FORMA™ is a non-invasive treatment method, it is extremely well tolerated and without downtime. After the FORMA™ treatment, a slight reddening can occur for a short time, but this usually disappears after a few minutes.


How many sessions are needed?


As a guideline, it can be assumed that 5-6 sessions are required, which are carried out in series once a week, as the manufacturer recommends. If only a little tightening is required, 3-4 sessions can be sufficient to achieve the desired result. A refresher session should be held from time to time (approximately every 3 months) to maintain results.