Skinpen® Medical Needling

- Medical microneedling is an effective procedure against sagging skin and scars. In combonation with PRP, a real fountain of youth for the skin

How does the Skinpen® Collagen Induction Therapy (KIT™) work?


Precise microneedling of the next generation KIT™ (collagen induction therapy) with the Skinpen® 

- effective in depth and suitable for the skin of all ages!

Collagen and elastin are the supporting structures of the skin, which are slowly broken down from the age of 30 and thus lead to the beginning of tissue slackening.

To prevent this, the Skinpen® offers an effective and safe method for collagen induction.

The skin becomes firmer, fresher and the whole complexion changes for the better. The skin is stimulated to renew itself from within without artificial substances being put into the skin.

The body's own mechanisms for skin renewal and rejuvenation are activated in a natural way .


In just 3 sessions the Skinpen® does 


  • Skin tightening / rejuvenation without side effects,

  • Improvement of skin color and texture irregularities

  • Improvement of acne scars and pigment spots 

  • Improvement of stretch marks



Can the success of the treatment be increased?


Studies have shown that the combination of medical needling with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) delivers more and better results. For this purpose, 1 to 2 tubes of blood are drawn and processed by a centrifuge.

The plasma, which is rich in valuable growth factors, is applied to the skin during needling and can penetrate deeper layers to develop its effect.



Is the treatment painful? 


The precise work of the Skinpen®  makes the treatment almost painless and can only be slightly uncomfortable in some places. Local anesthesia is applied to particularly sensitive areas.



How does a treatment with the Skinpen® work?


After a thorough cleansing, your skin is treated extensively according to the respective depth and you will have moderate reddening in the corresponding areas after the treatment, which usually disappears completely within 24 hours.



Who is the method suitable for?


KIT™ (collagen induction therapy) is suitable for all ages and skin types



Is a single application enough?


The KIT™ is normally used in 3 courses, with a session every 4 to 6 weeks.

This always depends on the initial situation and the customer's request.

After just one treatment, the complexion and skin are improved and there are significant changes. Multiple treatments lead to even better results.



What does the treatment with the Skinpen® cost? 


The price of a treatment with the Skinpen® is 300 euros, the recommended 3 treatments in a package cost 750 euros. In connection with PRP, the treatment price increases by 150 euros/ treatment.



What aftercare should be observed?


An SPF 50+ is recommended for at least 4 weeks and you are advised to avoid direct sunlight and tanning in order to maintain the success of the treatment.

Avoid facial treatments (e.g. facial massages), excessive physical activity, and a sauna for at least 2 weeks.