Forma V™ by Inmode

- regain your confidence with Radiofrequency Vaginal Rejuvenation - safe and effective

How does Forma V™ work?


Vaginal rejuvenation is the latest cosmetic procedure to combat the effects of aging “DOWN THERE”.


  • Decreased sensations during sex

  • Mild urinary incontinence (inability to hold urine when coughing, sneezing, walking, jumping)

  • Vaginal dryness

  • Internal relaxation of the tissue (vaginal canal)

  • External relaxation of the tissue (labia)


If these symptoms affect you, a simple, comfortable procedure with no surgery or downtime can change your life.


The Forma V™ procedure offers a tailor-made solution for rejuvenating and tightening the vagina and labia and works wonders.

Treatment with Forma V ™ not only promotes blood circulation and sexual sensitivity, but also has a positive effect on elasticity and wrinkling on the labia and vulva.

It uses radio frequency technology to improve the relaxation of vaginal tissues. Due to the even deep heating of the tissue, both elastin and collagen are newly formed. As a result, there is an improved blood flow to the tissue, which also has a positive effect on any vaginal dryness.



Is the treatment painful?


Treatment with Forma V™ takes about 30 minutes and is completely painless, which is one of the great advantages compared to options such as surgery or lasers. There is no downtime after the treatment. The procedure is non-surgical and is similar to the annual gynecological examination.



How soon can I expect results?


Many women see a visible and noticeable difference 2-3 weeks after the treatment, and most patients have found that they notice a noticeable change by the second treatment at the latest.

The largest increases usually occur a few weeks after the first Forma V™ treatment . The result is noticeably softer, smoother skin and more self-confidence when wearing bathing suits and other

tight-fitting clothing.



What does a Forma V™ treatment cost?


A treatment costs 850 euros.